SoCal's first student-run venture fund.

Dare to build different.

Building the next game-changing company isn't easy. Let us help with our network and a $25,000 check.

Our Story

Venture capital started in the East Coast and the Bay Area.

It never left.

From day 1, California Crescent Fund taps into Southern California student talent, where creativity and ingenuity pour out from the world's highest concentration of top engineering and liberal arts colleges.

We like to work with startups that...

Are Student

1+ founding member being a SoCal student, dropout, or recent grad

Hold Unfair
Go-to-Market Ability

An advantage that makes you the right team to sell the product

Build & Test

Produce fast product iterations with a strong technical team

Chase a Compelling "Why Now?"

Timing matters — how do you see the world right now?



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